Industry 4.0, or Industrie 4.0, is a movement that has great impact on the world of industrial automation. It is about software. And so is PLCopen.
PLCopen is working on a document showing a PackML submodel example for the I4.0 Asset Administration Shell technologies.
The international standard IEC 61131-10 will be published in the beginning of 2019.
PLCopen signed an agreement  with the Open Process Automation Forum (“OPAF”) to cooperate in the development of relevant standards and specifications.
This document explains the advantages of Sequential Function Chart, SFC. The official release of version 1.0 is now available.
In February 2006 PLCopen published their Safety Specification Part 1 - Concepts and Function Blocks for Safety Functions, followed by user guidelines and additional parts. After so many years, an update was needed resulting now in Version 2.0 of this document.
On June 8, PLCopen had a very successful annual General Meeting in Amsterdam. Part of the meeting related to changes in the Board of Management.
This document explains the advantages of Sequential Function Chart, SFC. This is a very expressive graphic formalism of the IEC 61131-3 standard. It is not considered a programming language as it needs other languages to express transition conditions and actions.
The original specification was created by a joint working group of PLCopen and the OPC Foundation and released in 2010. It defines an OPC UA Information Model to represent the IEC 61131-3 architectural models.