PLCopen Benchmarking back on drawing table

On April 2, 2019 during the Hanover Fair, PLCopen held a successful kick-off meeting on benchmarking.

PLCopen did Benchmarking in the past with a focus to different user applications, including motion control. However the network seemed to be the decisive factor and further development was stopped.

Today Benchmarking is back on the drawing board, but with a slightly different scope. Together with chip suppliers a more hardware resource oriented (like processor and computing architecture) approach is defined. With this new initiative, the benchmark can indicate the effective performance of the different processors and architectures as used in the industrial controllers. During this meeting the goals were further defined:

  • looking for a common language between participants for defining requirements
  • define common test scripts
  • focus to the lowest level, meaning hardware oriented (no operating system yet), close to the decision point of a new architecture (by the time the IEC program can run, it is already "too late")
  • perhaps not looking for highest performance but for predictable, reliable and deterministic approach.