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Status TC5 Safety




The work within this task force is going on now for many years. It resulted in the following documents:

  • Part 1 – Concepts and Function Blocks
  • Part 2 – User Guidelines
  • Part 3 Extensions to the Function Blocks: version 1.0
  • Part 4 - Application specific FBs for Presses: version 1.0

A new document - Safe Motion - is now available as version 1.0 Official Release


PLCopen merged the engineering activities for Logic, Motion and Safety on a common development platform. For this safety-related aspects within an IEC 61131-3 development environment were defined, together with external safety-related organizations. The result of the work got summarized in the technical specification Part 1 - Concepts and Function Blocks, released in February 2006, as well as in Part 2 - User Guidelines, published in March 2008.

Since then it became obvious that additional functionalities were needed. The additions are partly dealt with in a new document: Part 3 - Extensions to the Function Blocks.
These new function blocks extend the scope of the specification, and harmonize the diagnostics interface for easier handling by the user.

With the usage of presses on the factory floor, the safety of the operating personnel is very important. For this reason PLCopen together with its members worked on a safety specification specific for the application of presses. In this way the implementation of the safety functionality is harmonized across the different implementations, easing the work the machine builder has to do, while reducing the certification and training efforts. This new document Part 4 - Application specific FBs for Presses - contains a general overview of the implementation of safety around presses, coupled to eleven defined functions blocks in addition to the ones defined in the previous documents, esp. Part 1 - Basics. Due to the wide application area of presses, the function blocks include the use of electrical motors and valves control for hydraulics.

The German test & certification organization DGUV approved both the PLCopen Specifications Part 3 and Part 4 as suitable basis to develop function blocks for safety applications for presses. As such the DGUV recommends that for safety applications for presses the function blocks are developed according to the PLCopen documents and their functionality is tested on a press.

More information on Safe Motion is availabe on this website and the Safety specifications can be downloaded.