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 PLCopen opens office in Korea




On September 1, 2013 PLCopen and Kormocon, the Korean Motion Control Industry Organization based in Seoul, signed an agreement to open a PLCopen office in Korea.


PLCopen is a worldwide association. As such it covers the main areas for industrial control. In Europe, where the activities of PLCopen were started, the IEC 61131-3 standard and the PLCopen additions for Motion Control, Safety, Exchange and Communication have been accepted at a high level. In the USA, Japan and China the general acceptance of the standard is lower but increasing, especially due to the PLCopen activities in Motion Control.


To support the PLCopen activities and especially their results in motion control, PLCopen was approached by Kormocon to start activities in Korea. Kormocon is part of the Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI) with a focus to motion control. In their General Assembly of Kormocon this August, this initiative was accepted, as well as the nomination of Mr. JaeHak Kim as Chairman of the new PLCopen organization. Mr. JaeHak Kim is also Chairman of Kormocon as well as CEO of Higen Motor (


The initial goal will be to increase the acceptance of the IEC 61131-3 standard and PLCopen Motion Control in Korea, specifically with the local suppliers. For this purpose the PLCopen Korea office will create a local Korean website, translate the PLCopen Motion Control specifications, and at a later stage initiate workshops and training programs.


A new promotional committee PC6 - PLCopen Korea will be started. The focus will be to attract the support of local suppliers to become a member of PLCopen Korea. Local suppliers that intend to support the PLCopen specifications in their products.