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The PLCopen Safety Logo and its usage

For quick identification of compliant products, PLCopen has developed a logo for the Safety Specification:

This logo is owned and trademarked by PLCopen.

In order to use this logo free of charge, the relevant company must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. The company must be a voting member of PLCopen;
  2. The company must comply with the existing specification, as specified by the PLCopen Technical Committee 5 - Safety, and as published by PLCopen, and of which this statement is a part;
  3. This compliance is submitted in writing by the company to PLCopen, clearly stating the applicable software package and the supporting elements of all the specified tables, as specified in this document;
  4. The company is aware that this compliance is only a statement of the supporting elements as specified in this document. In particular, the company is aware that this statement does not have any relationship to the implementation itself, nor the fulfillment of any requirements as specified in any safety standard, safety procedure, or development procedure, and does not state anything with regard to the quality of the product itself, nor certification procedures performed by a third party;
  5. In the event of non-fulfillment, which must be decided by PLCopen, the company will receive a written statement to this effect from PLCopen. The company will have a period of one month to either adapt their software package in such a way that it is compliant, i.e., by issuing a new compliance statement, or removal of all reference to the specification, including the use of the logo, from all their specifications, be they technical or promotional material;
  6. The logo must be used as is - i.e., in its entirety. It may only be altered in size as long as the original scale and color settings are maintained;
  7. The logo must be used in the context of PLCopen Safety.