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The independent association PLCopen, together with its members and external safety related organizations, defined safety related aspects within the IEC 61131-3 development environments. With this, the safety aspects can be supported by a dedicated software tool, which is integrated into the software development tools. As such it combines the logic and motion application development with the related safety aspects. This combination helps developers to integrate safety related functionality into their systems, even from the beginning of the development cycle. Also, it contributes to the understanding of safety aspects, as well as reducing the certification time and costs by relevant organizations.

In 2006 the safety specification Part 1 - Concepts and Function Blocks - was released. With this part 1 the safety aspects can be transferred to a software tool, which is integrated in the software development.
Since part 1 is more focused to the implementers of the functionalities, PLCopen realized it needed to do more to help OEMs to add the safety functionality to their machines' application software. For this reason the Part 2 - User Guidelines - was developed.
Part 2 is focused to the users of the PLCopen functionalities and demonstrates the ease of use of the defined function blocks in real life applications.

Since the release of Part 1 and 2 it became obvious that additional functionalities are needed.
Part 3 - Extensions to the Function Blocks - is partly dealing with these additions. These new function blocks extend the scope of the specification and harmonize the diagnostics interface for easier handling by the user.
The final version 1.0 of Part 3 is now released.

With the usage of presses on the factory floor, the safety of personnel is very important. For this reason PLCopen worked on Part 4 - Application specific Function Blocks for Presses. In this way the implementation of the safety functionality is harmonized across the different implementations. The document contains a general overview of the implementation of safety around presses, coupled to eleven specific function blocks.
Part 4 is now released as version 1.0. A corrigendum & addendum to this version is available for members of PLCopen only.

The PLCopen safety specifications can be downloaded from this website.