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Motion Control part 4 now released

XML version 2.0 now released

Part 1 - Basics

The basic document (version 1.0) was originally published in November 2001, a specification of an independent library of function blocks for motion control. It included motion functionality for single axes and multiple axes, several administrative tasks, as well as a state diagram. This specification provides the user a standard command set and structure independent of the underlying architecture. This structure can be used on many platforms and architectures. In this way one can decide which architecture will be used at a later stage of the development cycle. Advantages for the machine builder are, amongst others, lower costs for supporting the different platforms and the freedom to develop application software in a more independent way, without limiting the productivity of the machine. In addition to those benefits, system maintenance is easier and the education period is shorter. This is a major step forward, and is more and more accepted by both users as well as suppliers. With so many implementations, as well as the first applications, inconsistencies were found in the first specification, as well as additional features to be added. This resulted in an update of the basic document; version 1.1, which was released in April 2005 and implemented in over 30 products.

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