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PLCopen starts
new working group
on Industry 4.0


Official Release
Safe Motion v1.0

Official release
Creating PLCopen
Compliant Libraries










All Function Blocks / Motion Control downloads


Select the file with your right mouse key and choose 'save target' for quick downloads.


Before you download the motion control specification library weŽd like you to fill out a little form with a few questions. Click on the specification to go to the form...

Merge of Part 1 and Part 2 - Version 2.0 (PDF)
Part 1 Basics - Version 1.1 (PDF)
Part 1 Basics - Version 1.0 (PDF)
Part 2 Extensions - Version 1.0 (PDF)
Part 3 User Guidelines, version 2.0 (PDF)
Part 4 Coordinated Motion , version 1.0 (PDF)
Part 5 Homing Procedures - Version 2.0 (PDF)
Part 6 Fluid Power Extensions - Version 2.0 (PDF)


PLCopen Motion Control (Presentation April 2016)


OEM and User Statement (PDF)
Creating reusable, Hardware Independent Motion Control Applications via IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen Function Blocks for Motion Control (PDF)
Changing the landscape of industrial control (PDF)
Application Examples with PLCopen Motion Control (PDF)
PLCopen Motion Control and OMAC PackAL (PDF)

You can use all of it for your own purposes, as long as you reference to plcopen and the plcopen website: