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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue September 2011



1.      Industry Day at ETFA 2011 conference – September 5

2.      DAu Conference – September 14

3.      Meet us at the Pack Expo 2011 – September 26-28

4.      PLCopen Conformity Level ST Certification for Copalp



1. Industry Day at ETFA 2011 conference – September 5


Like 3 years ago in Hamburg, PLCopen will participate again this year in the Industry Day held on September 5 in Toulouse, France, in conjunction with the ETFA 2011 Conference - see .


The ETFA conference series is the prime, and largest, IEEE-sponsored event dedicated to factory automation and emerging technologies in industrial automation.

The aim of the ETFA conference series is to provide researchers and practitioners from industry and academia with a platform to report on recent developments in the newly emerging areas of technology and their potential applications to factory automation.


The first day of the conference, the so-called Industry Day, will focus on the two key standards for factory automation: IEC 61131-3, which defines programming languages for Programmable Logic Controllers, and IEC 61499, which defines a generic architecture for the use of function blocks in distributed industrial process measurement and control systems. The focus is on recent developments, further extensions, and a potential for convergence of the two standards.


Eelco van der Wal (PLCopen) will provide an overview of the current PLCopen activities and working groups, the 3rd Release of IEC 61131-3, the release of PLCopen Motion Control version 2.0 and the OPC UA Information Model for IEC 61131-3.



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2. DAu Conference – September 14


The Danish Automation Society DAu, a non-profit organization covering companies and universities with general interest of automation, is organizing a conference in Denmark on September 14 with the working title "Do you need a software update?".


The conference will focus on the use of software in automation project, e.g. lifecycle management, use of libraries and standards, IT-security, innovative tools and methods for engineering, test, simulation, commissioning.


PLCopen will have a presention at this conference on Efficiency in engineering and software development with PLCopen.

More details on the program can be found at the DAu website


Here you can find the link for registration for this conference (in Danish only)



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3. Meet us at the Pack Expo 2011 – September 26-28


PLCopen will have a booth again at the Pack Expo which will be held in Las Vegas, USA, later this month.


The Pack Expo is North America’s largest packaging and processing show. Join us this September in Las Vegas to find the full array of packaging and processing innovations among 1,600 exhibitors and suppliers. Take home the technologies you need for improving operations, increasing efficiency, and cutting costs.


You will find us in the Central Hall (C-2). Our booth number is C-381.


Use this link (code 39M82) for your complimentary registration on or before September 25.



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4. PLCopen Conformity Level ST Certification for Copalp


From the start of PLCopen one of the activities was the certification of the IEC 61131-3 editors. Subject of testing and certification are software tools, which are implemented according to the standard IEC 61131-3 and additional requirements of PLCopen.


PLCopen is pleased to announce that the French company Copalp S.A. has successfully passed the tests performed by the test laboratory of iƒak in Germany, for the Certification of a system according to PLCopen Conformity Level ST (Structured Text). The Certification is for their product STRATON, version 8.2.


For more information please visit or


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Kind regards,


Eelco van der Wal

Managing Director PLCopen


PO Box 3009

NL 4200 EA Gorinchem, the Netherlands

tel.: +31-183-660261

fax: +31-183-664821