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To: Subscribers PLCopen Newsletter
Subject: PLCopen newsletter Issue October 2006

Welcome to the PLCopen electronic newsletter.

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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue October 2006.


1. PLCopen has moved to a new location

2. Meet us at the PackExpo in Chicago, USA
3. Meet us at the World Batch Forum in Belgium
4. Meet us at SPS/IPC/Drives in Germany
5. Meet us at MOF in Japan
6. Meet us at SCS Automation & Control in Paris, France

1. PLCopen has moved its office.

After 14 years in Zaltbommel, PLCopen has moved its office to Gorinchem, an old fortified city 30 kilometers west of Zaltbommel. Due to its history, there is a strange issue with Gorinchem – its pronunciation: the people just call it Gorkum, making it one of the only names with a difference between written and spoken form.

The new data is:
PO Box 3009
NL 4200 EA Gorinchem, The Netherlands
tel.: +31-183-660261
fax: +31-183-664821

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2. Meet us at PackExpo in Chicago, USA

From October 29 till November 2 the PackExpo will take place in the McCormick centre in Chicago, IL.

At this event, OMAC will have a booth, and they were willing to include PLCopen in a section of it.

During this event we both will show the combination of the OMAC specifications and the PLCopen implementations to it.

Mr. Eelco van der Wal will be there in person most of the time, as well as Bill Lydon for a short time.

If you want to meet us, send an email or better, drop by at the OMAC booth.

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3. Meet us at the World Batch Forum in Belgium

The World Batch Forum, WBF, is a worldwide, non-commercial organization dedicated to the advancement of manufacturing processes. It will hold its bi-annual European Conference on November 13 – 15 at the Mechelen Conference Centre near Brussels, Belgium.

The conference cover all aspects of business to manufacturing integration (ISA 95 standard) and batch control (ISA 88 standard), as well as the Business to Manufacturing Markup Language (B2MML), the Batch Markup Language (BatchML), continuous and discrete manufacturing using ISA 88.

The conference is supported by ISA (Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society) and by MESA International (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association).

“Process meets Discrete”, on Tuesday Nov. 14 starting at 14:30, linked to the OMAC activities, as well as PLCopen Motion Control and XML.
For more details check

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4. Meet us at SPS/IPC/Drives in Germany

The European automation world will meet in Nuremberg from November 28 till 30 at the SPS/IPC/Drives conference and exhibition.

Although PLCopen will not have a booth by itself, you can meet Mr. Van der Wal at the show itself. To make an appointment, email to:

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5. Meet us at MOF in Japan

The Manufacturing Open Forum in 2006 (MOF2006) will be held for three days from November 29 in Yokohama in Japan. During this event many open association will meet and share their work and information. These associations include AS-i Japan, Manufacturing XML promotion conference (Mfgx), CC-Link, ODVA Japan, EtherCAT Technology Group, OPC-Foundation, FA opening promotion conference, ORiN, FDT Group Japan, PLCopen Japan, JEMA network promotion special committee, Profibus, M2M consortium, MONOTSUKURI APS promotion mechanism, MECHATROLINK, and the measurement automatic control society.

PLCopen Japan gives a demonstration based on the PLCopen XML of the mutual use of application software for several PLC brands and a demonstration of PLCopen standard editor.
In addition, there will be a lecture on November 30, 14:20-15:00. The contents are PLCopen-XML, PLCopen standard editor, Motion control FBs, and introductions of our recent activity result. It will be in Japanese, by Mr. Taruishi and Mr.Aikawa.
For more information, check the Japanese Web at:
Be aware, there is no English website available.

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6. Meet us at SCS Automation & Control in Paris, France

&Control Fair in Paris, which takes place from December 5-8.
You will find our booth in Hall 5A, stand no. H2.
The booth is supported by live demonstrations, as well as French speaking personnel.
Please feel free to stop by and discuss your benefits and problems. We will hand you the now famous PLCopener, and ask you to select from our variety of beers.

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Kind regards,

Eelco van der Wal
Managing Director PLCopen
PO Box 3009
NL 4200 EA Gorinchem, the Netherlands
tel.: +31-183-660261
fax: +31-183-664821
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