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Subject: PLCopen newsletter Issue May 2009

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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue May 2009  

1. Safe Software - New Chairman and New Initiatives

2. Motion Control encompasses fluid power

3. PLCopen renews accreditation of ifak as Test Laboratory

4. PLCopen Training - Certification for Eaton Hydraulics Group

5. TC6 XML version 2.01 released  


1. New Chairman Safe Software  

At the previous meeting of the PLCopen Technical Committee for Safe Software (TC5), Mr. Erich Janoschek from TUV Rheinland in Cologne, Germany, was elected as the new chairman of this committee.

With this we enter a new phase with new activities. The new activities are focused to material presses used for metal forming. PLCopen TC5 adds this application specific area to the existing safety applications for machines and the general concepts as is made available by PLCopen.
This new activity "Extensions for Presses" will be published as Part 4 in the existing line of software safety specifications.

We thank Mr. Michael Huelke from the BGIA, for his dedication to this work as chairman for many years, during which the PLCopen Safety technical specifications Part 1 - Concepts and Function Blocks, and Part 2 - User Guidelines were published.  

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2. Motion Control encompasses fluid power  

PLCopen is launching a new initiative in the Motion Control working group to extend the specifications to fluid power.

Initial Goal:

Optimizing programming and integration of fluid power devices and systems by defining function blocks employing PLCopen standardization and modular methodology.  

For the basic function blocks a 5 steps process will be used:

      1.      Review current V1.0 Motion Function Blocks
Identify those usable by fluid power in current form
3.      Define fluid power extensions to current format needed to make remainder usable
Identify additional base functionality unique to fluid power
Define Function Blocks unique to fluid power  

For algorithmic and application levels there can be guidelines and best practice descriptions that will facilitate implementation of more elemental components.  

The primary goal is to level restrictions to market response and provide integrators with the option to apply the best technology to a given problem without regard to specific technology constructs. Standardized interfaces will allow cross-pollination from electrical and fluid power resource pools and drive best of breed solution configuration.  

As a rough timetable the initial idea is the following: 

* Evaluate current Function Blocks - 2 months
* Proposals for extensions - 6 months
* 1st proposal of set of Function Blocks for Fluid Power within 1 year

The kick-off meeting will be held on June 23 in Frankfurt a.M., Germany .
In case of interest, contact PLCopen at
An orientation package will be made available.

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3. PLCopen renews accreditation of ifak as Test Laboratory  

PLCopen renewed the accreditation of ifak (Institut fuer Automation und Kommunikation e.V. Magdeburg, in Germany as a PLCopen test laboratory for another 4 years.

This accreditation is a formal recognition that a test laboratory is competent to carry out specific tests in compliance with the PLCopen guideline "Compliance Testing & Certification". 

In March this year PLCopen released the new PLCopen Guideline "Compliance Testing & Certification"  (version 2.0). This document defines the procedures for compliance testing and certification of IEC 61131-3 related products supplied by PLCopen members. Subject of testing and certification are software tools, which are implemented according to the standard IEC 61131-3 and additional requirements of PLCopen, determined in applicable technical papers, i.e. specifications for different certification classes like Conformity Level.  

The test laboratory performs tests by applying specified technical procedures in order to determine one or more characteristics of a given product. The test laboratory delivers test reports which are the basis for the vendor of the product to apply for the PLCopen Certification.  

Please check the PLCopen website for more information on Certification.  

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4.  PLCopen Training - Certification for Eaton Hydraulics Group  

We would like to congratulate the Eaton Corporation - Hydraulics Group for becoming a PLCopen Certified Training Centre.  

For more details please check our website.
More information on Eaton

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5.  TC6 XML version 2.01 released  

PLCopen released update version 2.01 of the PLCopen Technical Paper XML formats for IEC 61131-3.

This document is the result of the work done in the PLCopen Technical Committee 6 - XML, as well as the feedback received from in particular PLCopen Japan and AutomationML. The update has some minor changes to version 2.0, "Official Release", as published in December 2008.  

XML version 2.01 can be downloaded from the PLCopen website.  

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Kind regards,  

Eelco van der Wal
Managing Director PLCopen

PO Box 3009
NL 4200 EA Gorinchem, The Netherlands
tel.: +31-183-660261
fax: +31-183-664821