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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue March 2015



1. PLCopen welcomes new members

2. PLCopen sponsors ARC’s European Industry Forum in Amsterdam

3. PLCopen seminars at events in Korea

4. Pre-announcement PLCopen annual General Meeting



1. PLCopen welcomes new members


Two companies recently joined PLCopen as a member:


Bedrock Automation based in the USA. Bedrock Automation, a subsidiary of Maxim Integrated (Nasdaq: MXIM), has developed the next generation industrial control system with a revolutionary electro-magnetic backplane architecture and deeply embedded cyber security for the highest levels of system performance, security and reliability at the lowest system cost.


Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH based in Germany. Kendrion Kuhnke Automation signs as the Industrial Control System Business Unit (ICS) within the Kendrion Industrial Division. The business unit develops, manufactures and distributes controllers and actuators based on fluid, solenoid, and control technologies. The business unit’s main markets are the machinery and appliances, medical and analytical equipment, aircraft interior and energy generation/distribution sectors. Industrial Control Systems focuses on the development and supply of highly innovative and technologically demanding products to these specific markets.




2. PLCopen sponsors ARC’s European Industry Forum in Amsterdam


PLCopen is sponsoring ARC’s European Industry Forum which takes place on March 4 & 5 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Main Topic of this event is: European Industry in Transition: The Information Driven Enterprise in a Connected World


New and emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, predictive analytics, wireless, additive manufacturing, modular and mobile production, cloud computing, mobility, and 3D visualization are beginning to disrupt and radically change the way industrial enterprises do business. Departing from the characteristic industry prudent innovation, leading companies now recognize that they must embrace new information, automation, production and supply chain technologies to maintain a competitive edge. The business environment is increasingly dynamic and volatile. New business models such as “Industry 4.0”, “Industrial Internet”, “Connected Manufacturing”, and “Connected Asset Value Networks” are emerging. What strategies can industrial enterprises adopt to help position them to take advantage of the latest round of technology changes while prioritizing their investments wisely?


Join us at the Annual European ARC Industry Forum to learn from your peers how an information-driven strategy can better position you to succeed and determine how you can best approach critical technology decisions. For more information about ARC’s European Industry Forum, please sign in on their website:, then select the “Events” section and click on “ARC Industry Forum Europe 2015”.




3. PLCopen seminars at events in Korea


Seromsys, one of our members and a PLCopen certified training institute based in Korea, is organizing two open seminars during events in Korea;


Automation World 2015 -

March 18-20 at the Coex Center, Seoul, Korea

During an open seminar on all three days, Seromsys will introduce PLCopen Motion Control to the audience.


Motion Control Show 2015 -

April 22-24 at Kintex, Geyonggi-do, Korea

Open seminar on PLCopen related IEC-61131-3 solution and application.


For more information on the seminars check our website.




4. Pre-announcement PLCopen General Meeting


We are planning the PLCopen General Meeting for this year on Friday June 12,  in Amsterdam - The Netherlands. All PLCopen members can participate to this meeting. If you are interested please contact us for more details.




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Managing Director PLCopen


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