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Subject: PLCopen newsletter Issue July 2006

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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue July 2006.


1. Changes in the PLCopen Board of Management
2. PLCopen TC2 Motion Control - Interpolation : Input Needed
3. PLCopen TC5 Safe Software - User Guidelines under construction
4. PLCopen TC5 Safe Software - Additional products certified
5. TC6 - XML - meeting planned on certification issues

1. Changes in the PLCopen Board of Management

Bruce supported us for many years, even from several companies, and represented the North American view in the Board, as well as his Japanese knowledge and understanding.
Also now, I would like to thank him for his time, views, ideas, contributions, and dedication.
I am sure he will enjoy his next adventure.
Bruce’s position as secretary has been accepted by Andreas Orzelski from KW Software.

We are glad to announce that a new member of the board has been elected.
It is Manfred Werner of 3S – Smart Software Solutions.
Manfred will act as normal member, and I am confident he will help to keep PLCopen successful and on the right track. Congratulations.

2. PLCopen TC2 Motion Control - Part 4 - Interpolation : Input Needed

Interpolation brings the work in PLCopen Motion Control at a new level. Being Part 4 of the set of Motion Control specifications, it is focused to the coordinated multi-axes motion in 3D space. In order to work in 3D, several coordinate systems are applicable, as well as a kinematic model of the mechanics involved. The coordinate systems include the axes coordinate system, the machine coordinate system and the product related system.
The kinematic model can be provided by a different software tool, like a CAD or simulation tool. An interface is provided to incorporate such a model in the application program.

The work started in 2005. Currently we are in a situation that we need to involve more parties that use, or will use, interpolation functionalities. In this way we want to ensure that the specification will fulfil their future needs.

We are particular interested in machine builders and users.

If you are interested to help, and possibly participate in future meetings, please contact Eelco van der Wal at
Thanks in advance.

3. PLCopen TC5 Safe Software - User Guidelines under construction

In order to help the users, work has been started on Part 2 – User Guidelines. Within this specification multiple practical examples will be described, and explained how to solve these with the use of the function blocks.
The next meeting on this is scheduled for August 17 and 18 at KW Software in Lemgo.

4. PLCopen TC5 Safe Software - Additional products certified

’s members, has been granted the PLCopen Safety Certification for two products:
  • SafetyProg
  • And the PLCopen Function Block Library MatHandling
This again shows the transformation from the specification to products as well as the benefits and depth of the PLCopen safety specification, and the support from the PLCopen community.
It is the next step to a wide acceptance of this specification, providing a harmonized view to the safety part of the application towards the users. It shows the viability of the concept and the drive for the future for the merge of logic, motion, and safety in one development environment. Also this shows clearly the contribution of PLCopen in creating efficiency in automation.
For more information, please visit the Phoenix Contact website at or the PLCopen website at

5. TC6 - XML - meeting planned on certification issues

For this reason, the TC6 - XML participants will meet on July 28 at infoteam Software in Bubenreuth, to discuss in particular the certification issues.
This includes how a certification of a tool being “TC 6 compliant” could be implemented. Since mutual import/export “without error messages” and / or comparison of XML Schemata and / or numerous test cases seem not sufficient to prove compliance, there is a need for a certification methodology.
If you have additional topics, or want to participate, contact Eelco van der Wal via .

Kind regards,

Eelco van der Wal
Managing Director PLCopen
PO Box 2015
NL 5300 CA Zaltbommel, The Netherlands
tel.: +31-418-541139
fax: +31-418-516336
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