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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue February 2012



1. PLCopen at IPACK IMA 2012, February 28 March 3

2. PLCopen Supporting Organization for Motor, Drive and Automation Systems 2012



1. PLCopen at IPACK IMA 2012, February 28 March 3


Please visit our booth at the IPACK IMA in Milan, Italy.

You will find us in Hall 9 A36.


IPACK-IMA is one of the most important international events in the industry of packaging, processing and material handling technology, where all major international suppliers exhibit. The previous edition in 2009 attracted 1,400 exhibitors and 54,000 visitors.

The exhibition is held in Fieramilano, Milan.You will find detailed information on this event at the IPACK IMA website.


There is a PLCopen Workshop Creating efficient production lines through software harmonization with worldwide standards on Friday March 2 from 3:00 3:45 pm at the Innovation Corner in Hall 9 (stand C96).


This presentation will show that by using worldwide software standards one can create the basis for flexibility, transparency and improvements in new or existing production lines. The topics include mechatronic concepts, harmonized motion control functionalities, structured software development process, and transparent data access and information exchange.



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2. PLCopen Supporting Organization for Motor, Drive and Automation Systems 2012


PLCopen is one of the supporting organizations for the Motor, Drive and Automation Systems event which takes place on March 13-14 in Orlando, Florida USA.


This international, industry-leading conference is focused on the latest economic trends and technical advancements impacting motor, drive and automation systems.

You will find all information on this event and the conference program on their website.


There is a PLCopen keynote presentation Leverage Motion Control functionality with universal software tools on Wednesday March 14 from 8:30 -9:30 am.


Motor control is moving from a strict hardware and hardwired environment to a networked environment with software control. Combining several motors and drives in a coordinated way is often called motion control, and this includes synchronized movements like camming and gearing. The coordination is done in software, creating flexibility in changing cam profiles and gear ratios. By using a worldwide harmonized functionality for motion control, one can create program with less hardware dependence, a higher level of reusable code, transparent programs, lower commissioning, installation and maintenance costs, wide industry acceptance, and last but not least: reduction in training costs. Also, it is easier to add embedded control functions to motors today using off the shelf software available from a number of suppliers.



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