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Subject:           PLCopen newsletter Issue February 2010

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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue February 2010

  1. PLCopen and OPC Foundation combine technologies
  2. Deadline for comments on PLCopen - OPC UA specification
  3. New members joined PLCopen


1. PLCopen and OPC Foundation combine technologies  

About a year ago PLCopen and the OPC Foundation joined forces to combine their technologies to a platform and manufacturer-independent information and communication architecture. A combined working group was started, focused to the mix of OPC Unified Architecture (UA) and IEC 61131-3, which creates interesting options for the realization of automation structures.
The objective of the combined technologies is to increase the efficiency of the engineering process and information exchange.  

Today there are many historically grown data exchange protocols used in various industries. They offer little possibility to transport complex data and the extensibility is very limited. OPC Unified Architecture however, offers the basis for universal, secure and reliable network communication, i.e. provides the monitoring of configurable timeouts and connecting interruptions and encrypted communication. To use this communication as a standard for the IEC 61131 environment will lead in many industries to a completely new form of information exchange: If an industry has defined a specific profile e.g. a data structure or a function block, then the question of secured and efficient data exchange and the reusability of the visualization objects is already solved. With the combination of PLCopen and OPC UA, an additional level of interoperability is standardized on top of IEC61131-3.  

You can read more on the cooperation between PLCopen and OPC Foundation on our website  

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2. Deadline for comments on PLCopen - OPC UA specification  

Please note that till February 19 you can give your comments on the technical specification "OPC UA Information Model for IEC 61131-3" (version 0.09.), which was published as Release for Comments.

Check for the free download of this file.

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3. New members joined PLCopen

We welcome the following companies and educational institute which joined PLCopen in the beginning of this year:  

·       Axel, an Italian company active in the development of software for industrial automation -

·       National Instruments, headquartered in Texas , USA -

·       SMS Siemag, based in Germany -

·       Fachhochschule Südwestfalen in Germany -

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Kind regards,  

Eelco van der Wal
Managing Director PLCopen  

PO Box 3009
NL 4200 EA Gorinchem, the Netherlands
tel.: +31-183-660261
fax: +31-183-664821