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To: Subscribers PLCopen Newsletter
Subject: PLCopen newsletter Issue February 2006

Welcome to the PLCopen electronic newsletter.

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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue February 2006.


1. PLCopen TC5 Safe Software – Version 1.0 - Official release available for download
2. New activities in North America with Bill Lydon
3. Meeting held at PLCopen China
4. New Motion Control Certificates
5. New Certificates for Certified Training Centres
6. TC6 – XML meeting planned

1. PLCopen TC5 Safe Software – Version 1.0 Official release available for download

It took the PLCopen Technical Committee -TC5- a relatively short time of only 2.5 years to complete the first functional safety standard ever published.
The first official safe software specification is available for downloading free of charge at the PLCopen website .
After publication of Part 1, we will start working on Part 2 - Application examples. The applications to be used are defined, and the first proposals are in.
If you are interested to participate, contact Eelco van der Wal at

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2. New activities in North America with Bill Lydon

The PLCopen Board of Management is pleased to welcome Bill Lydon of Marketing Solutions as the new Managing Director of PLCopen for the North American market. Based on his industry experience, knowledge of the industrial control markets, personnel recommendations, and his knowledge of PLCopen and IEC61131-3, they are confident that Bill Lydon will be successful in positioning PLCopen NA as a strong organization in the various control markets. We will hear more from Bill in the next weeks. This ezine will keep you informed.

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3. Meeting held at PLCopen China

The first board meeting for PLCopen China 2006 was held on Jan. 20th, 2006 in the Shanghai Institute of Automation Instruments. The meeting was attended by participants from over 20 member companies.
The meeting was opened by Mr. Fan, the Director of SIPAN, followed by the report from Mr. Peng Yu, the Chairman of PLCopen China on the activities of 2005 and the plans for 2006. Hosted by Mrs. Wang Jun, the Secretary General of CAMETA, the members of PLCopen China engaged in the discussions on the upcoming seminars on IEC61131-3 in 2006 in terms of the location and the joint booth for the 2006 FA/PA Fair. The membership fees were explained by the secretariat of PLCopen China.
It was confirmed that the seminars on IEC61131-3 in the first half year of 2006 will be held in Guangzhou(or Shenzhen), Nanjing and Chongqin.
The Members of the Board of PLCopen China are:
  • Zhejiang Zheda Zhongzi Integrated Control Co., Ltd.,
  • Advantech of Taiwan (China) Ltd.,
  • Siemens (China) Ltd.,
  • Rockwell Automation Technical Support Center,
  • Beckhoff, Nanjing
  • Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd.
  • KW-Software GmbH Shanghai Representative Office
  • Fuji Electric FA(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
The membership fees are euro 1000 /year for standard members and euro 2000 /year for board members. On the FA/PA fair in 2006, there will be a joint booth of PLCopen China on which all the logos of the members will be displayed.
The secretariat of PLCopen China can be reached at , and the PLCopen China web at .

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4. New Motion Control Certificates

PLCopen handed out two new certificates for the PLCopen Motion Control compliance. This included the first certificate for the update of Part 1 – Basics, as version 1.1, for the company:
  • Schneider Automation S.A.S for their product “MFB on Unity Pro”, version 2.2 of January 2006.
The second certificate is for the company:
  • Berger Lahr GmbH Co. KG for their product “Motion library for TLC V2.002”, of May 2005.
We congratulate both companies. For specific information on their support, check the PLCopen website under TC2 - Function Blocks. With this, the number of motion control certified products has now reached 25, as listed on the PLCopen website .

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5. Two new Certificates for Certified Training Centres

PLCopen would like to congratulate the following companies for becoming a PLCopen Certified Training Centre:
  • University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Alexandria Technical College, USA
For a complete list, as well as information on how to reach these companies, check the PLCopen website under PC2 - Training.

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6. TC6 – XML meeting planned

Although the specification and schema for the PLCopen XML specification is available for quite some time, there is a need for additional exchange of knowledge and experiences. For this an additional TC6 – XML meeting is planned on March 31, at the “Helmut-Schmidt-Universität”, in Hamburg
The topics on the agenda include:
  • Status of the implementation of open source reference platform in Japan
  • Creation of generic Test Software and Reference Project file
  • Feedback from Japan on current release
  • Implementation issues at XML participants
  • Status at members, and first results
  • XSLT-Transformation files - what to do?
  • Certification issues
If you have additional topics, or want to participate, contact Eelco van der Wal via .

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Kind regards,

Eelco van der Wal
Managing Director PLCopen
PO Box 2015
NL 5300 CA Zaltbommel, The Netherlands
tel.: +31-418-541139
fax: +31-418-516336
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