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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue December 2013



The year 2013 is coming to an end. For many of you it probably was again a challenging year.


Thank you all for your support and the interest in the work of PLCopen. And, for those who celebrate it, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very successful new year, in your professional and especially in your personal life.



PLCopen teams with China Automation Media for extensive data report on the PLC market in China in English language


China is an interesting country. Not only is it the 2nd largest economy in the world, it also shows grow rates that many other countries cannot meet.

However, for many people China is not very transparent. Nor are the Chinese statistics for them.

Therefore one wants the story behind the figures, or a second opinion on them.


If one is doing business in China, or is planning to do so, one needs an in-depth report. A report that shows what is really going on in the different markets. A report that shows which companies are involved in the market, and which strategies they adopted.


For instance, the year 2012 was not a year with ‘business as usual’ in China. This was due to global aspects, like the on-going world economic crisis, and local aspects, like the overall shrink of the industry and stagnation of new projects and cancellation of existing ones. Overall these aspects hit hard on the industrial automation market in China. This report will show you in details the effects over the different markets, areas and industries.


In 2012, China's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew 7.8%, a reduction of 1.4% in comparison to the year before. Excess production capacity of varying degrees appeared in some mature industries and as well in emerging industries. While in the field of automation, the demand for automation products by various machines and equipment fell significantly, and the PLC market is no exception.


For this reason PLCopen has teamed with a market research company China Automation Media, to make their extensive report on industrial control available in the English language and so make it accessible to non-Chinese people.


This extensive report, covering over 150 pages, shows in-depth values of the following sections:


•          Overview of the domestic market

•          User Behaviour Analysis

•          Application Industry Analysis covering 8 industries and 9 OEM markets

•          Overview of the International Manufacturers, covering 9 extensively

•          Overview of the domestic PLC manufacturers, covering 16 in total

•          PLC Market expectations and development trends, long term and short term


An extensive Table of Content is available on the PLCopen website,

One can order this report via

The cost of this report is US$ 4,000 excl. VAT.




Kind regards,


Eelco van der Wal

Managing Director PLCopen


P.O. Box 3009

NL 4200 EA Gorinchem, The Netherlands

Tel. +31-183-660261

Fax +31-183-664821





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