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Subject:           PLCopen newsletter December 2010



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A few more weeks to go and 2010 is already history. A year in which we have seen some good developments within our organization. Like new ideas and functionalities for the PLCopen Motion Control as well as Safety standard; the continued cooperation with OPC Foundation and AutomationML; and we were present at events all over the world.


Without the support of our members and your interest in the work of PLCopen we could not have reached all this. Therefore we would like to thank all of you for facilitating the success of PLCopen in the past year. We look forward to the challenges of the years to come.


For those who celebrate it we wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy and successful new year - not only in your professional life but - even more important - also in your personal life.



PLCopen Newsletter - Issue December 2010



1.      Memorandum of Understanding signed with AutomationML

2.      Safety Certification for Leuze electronic

3.      PLCopen and OPC Foundation - the next step



1. Memorandum of Understanding signed with AutomationML


Since the founding in 2009, AutomationML e.V. works on the development of a broad XML based data exchange format for a better quality and efficiency of the data exchange in the field of plant engineering and plant design.


A close cooperation arose between PLCopen and AutomationML e.V. Both organizations adapt the PLCopen XML Specification to the 2.01 version and generated a part of the AutomationML data exchange format together which refers to the exchange of logic and controlling information.


To consolidate the cooperation between PLCopen and AutomationML e.V. both industrial organizations agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which among others establishes the target courses of the conjoint work for the next year and expands the present co-operation.

In the context of the SPS/IPC/Drives 2010 this MoU was signed by representatives of AutomationML e.V. and PLCopen.


More information on AutomationML


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2. Safety Certification for Leuze electronic


The company Leuze electronic GmbH +Co. KG, which only recently joined our organization as a member, has been awarded the PLCopen Safety Certificate. The certification is provided for their product MSIsafesoft.


Leuze electronic is a specialist for innovative and practical solutions in the area of optical sensors for factory automation. Their systems are used in the automobile industry and in conveyor and storage technology as well as in printing machines and in packing material and analysis technologies.


For more information please check or


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3. PLCopen and OPC Foundation the next step


OPC Foundation and PLCopen have combined their technologies to form one platform and manufacturer-independent information and communication architecture. The first output of this common working group was released in March 2010. Version 1.0 describes the mapping of the IEC61131-3 software model into an OPC UA information model.


The benefits have been shown on multiple trade shows over the last year. In January 2011 the group members will continue to define extended functionalities: Generic IEC61131-3 OPC UA communication function blocks enabling controllers to initiate UA communication to other OPC UA capable devices or IT-System. The group will also discuss the use and representation of OPC UA features like Events, Alarm handling, Historical Data, State Machines or best practice for configuration of user access level.


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Kind regards,


Eelco van der Wal

Managing Director PLCopen


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