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Subject: PLCopen newsletter Issue April 2006

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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue April 2006.


1. Meet us at the Hanover Fair
2. PLCopen TC5 Safe Software – Version 1.0 – Approved by BGIA
3. PLCopen TC5 Safe Software – First Certificate handed out
4. PLCopen TC3 – TF Benchmarking – Comments till June 30
5. TC6 – XML meeting held and new planned

1. Meet us at the Hanover Fair

We have much interesting news for you on the activities and results of the organization PLCopen during the upcoming Hanover Fair.
Visit PLCopen at their booth in Hall 9 – A27, and check the new specifications and the new activities, while enjoying a Dutch coffee, a drink, or drink one of the many beer marks to choose from while using your own PLCopener as gift.
Hope to see you all at this event.
Eelco van der Wal, Managing Director PLCopen

2. PLCopen TC5 Safe Software – Version 1.0 – Approved by BGIA

The TC5 Safety Specification provides guidelines, style guides, and basic specifications of function blocks for implementation and use in safety-related environments. For users this means an easier commissioning of their equipment. By using the specified function blocks together with the general aspects, the certification procedure of the application itself becomes much easier and faster.

The BGIA, based in Sankt Augustin, Germany, is an institute for research and testing of the German Berufsgenossenschaften (BG), the institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention in Germany.

As a certification body it reviewed the PLCopen specification and confirmed that it meets the relevant aspects of IEC 61508 and the related standards and can be used as a part of a specific safety requirement specification. This will result in a certificate for PLCopen.
This supports the suppliers of the software environment with regard to the implementation of this specification. However, this document or a PLCopen certificate does not guarantee that the implementation meets the requirements of the safety standards. Therefore the implementation of the FBs, or their appropriate use, is the responsibility of the supplier and/or user, including safety certification.

3. PLCopen TC5 Safe Software – First Certificate handed out

KW-Software, one of PLCopen’s members has been granted the first PLCopen Safety Certification.
The certification is provided for the SAFEPROG product.
With this the transformation from the specification to the first product is realized. This shows clearly the benefits and depth of the PLCopen safety specification, as well as the support from the PLCopen community.
It is the first step to a wide acceptance of this specification, providing a harmonized view to the safety part of the application towards the users. It shows the viability of the concept and the drive for the future for the merge of logic, motion, and safety in one development environment. Also this shows clearly the contribution of PLCopen in creating efficiency in automation.
For more information, please visit the KW-Software website or contact Eelco van der Wal at

4. PLCopen TC3 – TF Benchmarking – Comments till June 30

The technical specification of this PLCopen Task Force has been released to the community for comments till June 30, 2006. With this release PLCopen is seeking for feedback from a broader community about its usability for their environments before developing the applicable test software.
The released document is available at the PLCopen website under TC3 – Certification / Task Force Benchmarking for free-of-charge download.

Make sure you send us your comments before June 30.

5. TC6 – XML meeting held and new planned

Although the TC6 - XML specification is finalized, there is a need amongst the members to discuss implementation topics, test procedures, certification topics, and transformations.
For this reason, the participants met at the university in Hamburg.
PLCopen Japan wants to popularize the IEC 61131-3 standard in Japan. For this, it plans 3 local developments based on open source tools: an XML Editor, an XML Simulator and an XML based Library of Function Blocks. Thes status of these developments were presented.
For this, four changes to the existing XML scheme were presented. They will be dealt with in a separate amendment of the XML schema.
PLCopen Japan suggested to use the developed tool as a PLCopen TC6 XML reference tool. The proposal was discussed. With various IEC 61131 tools being widely used in Europe, the situation in Europe is regarded different from the situation in Japan.

The University of Bilbao presented the results of an EU project which has been completed by the end of 2005. The basic idea was to start with UML as model, generate XML code from this, and transform these to the different development environments. PLCopen XML should help to reduce these transitions, and have more XML import functionality in the different systems. Among other results, it was showed that various kinds of conversions between different XML formats can be carried out easily by the help of XSLT. Furthermore, XSLT can serve to create documentation (html, doc, pdf) from the XML source.

Certification issues - the participants discussed how a certification of a tool being “TC 6 compliant” could be implemented. Since mutual import/export “without error messages” and / or comparison of XML Schemata and / or numerous test cases seem not sufficient to prove compliance, the participants felt that there is a lack of a certification methodology.

For this reason and additional meeting is planned for July 28, at infoteam Software.

If you have additional topics, or want to participate, contact Eelco van der Wal via .

Kind regards,

Eelco van der Wal
Managing Director PLCopen
PO Box 2015
NL 5300 CA Zaltbommel, The Netherlands

tel.: +31-418-541139
fax: +31-418-516336
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