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PLCopen starts
new working group
on Industry 4.0


Official Release
Safe Motion v1.0

Official release
Creating PLCopen
Compliant Libraries










Promotional Activities

An important task of PLCopen is to inform users/programmers about the benefits of standardized industrial control programming. This is done via:

  • The PLCopen website;
  • Publication of a printed newsletter, called 'PLCopening' ;
  • Free electronic newsletter;
  • Publications in the press;
  • Participation at conferences and shows.

  • The Promotional Committees PC1 - Promotion Activities, PC3 - Promotion North-America, PC4 - Promotion Japan, PC5 - Promotion China, and PC6 - Promotion Korea support these activities.

    PC2 - Common Training, has defined a common basis for training. This includes PLCopen certification. In this way, certified training centres for training on IEC 61131-3 can be easily identified.