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Advantages of joining the association PLCopen

PLCopen Mission

We want to be the leading association resolving topics related to control programming
to support the use of international standards in this field.

What does this mean?

PLCopen is focused on providing independent information on programming methods.
Improving user awareness of the benefits of standardized programming.
Extending and improving the IEC 61131-3 standard.
Creating concepts to reduce the costs of industrial automation.
Cost savings are realized in areas such as engineering, training, operation and maintenance.

Benefits of Membership

A membership of PLCopen has many benefits for vendors, integrators, resellers, users and institutes:
Direct influence on technical issues involving the standard and its updates, and automatically receiving the standard and its updates.
Early exhange of information during meetings (and via the minutes) of all committees. Access to this information is provided to all members, even if not represented in a committee.
Definition of and early access to benchmarks, such as for compliance testing.
Early recognition of trends.
Contact with other vendors, users and institutes. These informal contacts have proven to be a major benefit to the members.
Identification as a supporter of standardization. Users increasingly demand products which comply with the IEC 61131-3 standard as well as PLCopen extensions to this standard. A vendor who openly supports the standards is more readily accepted by these users.
PLCopen publishes the names of the  voting members on its website and on trade shows, in newsletters, and at other promotional activities. This is important free publicity.
Direct marketing access to interested prospects via the PLCopen newsletter, trade shows, meetings and conferences.

Membership in PLCopen demonstrates a commitment of vendors and users to open software standards. PLCopen is a truly international and independent organization, with around 100 members from around the world.

Membership categories

PLCopen offers a number of membership categories, strongly supporting the user community with its own membership categories.

The annual membership contribution depends on voting and non-voting rights, the number of relevant employees involved in Industrial Control and the nature of the organization. There are 3 different sizes: over 1,000 relevant employees, between 100 and 1000 and less than 100. 

The different organizational types are:

Companies: commercial organizations active in the field of Industrial Control.
Users: focused on the application and usage of Industrial Control.
Re-sellers: added value is not in the Industrial Control or its programming environment. In many cases they use an independent software development environment from a third party, and have integrated with their (hardware) products.
Non-profit organizations: institutes registered as non-profit organizations.
Educational Institutes: such as Universities, (Technical) Schools, etc.

Voting members are listed on the PLCopen website and in various PLCopen publications. One voting member equals one vote, no matter what the size of the company. They can participate in the Technical Committees and have their products certified for IEC 61131-3 languages, Motion Control and Safe Software Compliance.

In the non-voting membership category, all non-voting members are equal. They receive all the benefits listed above without the right to vote. And non-voting members are not visible as PLCopen members; their names are not listed on the PLCopen website or in other publications.

User members can actively participate in Technical Committees, but Resellers cannot. This category is like a sponsorship without visibility.

As is true with every organization, an active memership support yields better results than a passive one. Thus, an active membership, contributing to the different committees, is encouraged.

Annual Contributions:

Size Voting Companies Voting Users/ Resellers Non-voting User / Resellers Non-profit organizations Educational institutes
>1000 Euro 11,000 Euro 5,500 Euro 2,200    
100 .. 1000 Euro 5,500 Euro 2,750 Euro 1,100    
<100 Euro 2,750 Euro 1,375 Euro 550    
        Euro 900 Euro 50