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Siemens AG


Website Siemens:
Siemens Automation & Drives:


Totally Integrated Automation
Industrial Software STEP7
Programmable Logic & Motion Controllers SIMATIC / SIMOTION
Componed Based Automation
PC Based Control
Process Control System PCS7


Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D), the worldwide leading manufacturer in its field is located in Nuremberg/Erlangen. A&D offers standard products and solutions for the manufacturing and process industry. The optimized interplay of A&D products ("Totally Integrated Automation") leads to cost reduction for investments as well as for the whole lifecycle of a system.

Products and Services

The A&D Industrial Software is the basis that integrates all automation solution components. The common data base maintains data consistency throughout the entire automation project.

Engineering Tools

High-level languages and graphical programming help reducing engineering costs:

SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional




The STEP 7 software is the basis for configuring and programming SIMATIC devices with the following programming languages:
STEP 7 - Instruction List (IL), Ladder Diagram (LAD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), S7-SCL - Structured Text (ST), S7-GRAPH - Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

Additional tools

S7-HiGraph (State Diagram), S7-PLCSIM (PLC Simulation), S7-PDIAG (Process Diagnostics), TeleService (Remote Service), CFC (Continuous Function Chart)


The SIMOTION SCOUT software is the basis for configuring and programming SIMOTION devices with different programming languages:
ST (Structured Text), LAD(Ladder Diagram), FBD (Function Block Diagram), MCC (Motion Control Chart)

Human Machine Interface/Visualization
ProTool/Pro, WinCC, WinCC flexible

Communication/Component Based Automation

iMap (Interconnection editor for CBA)

Safety Function Blocks

Siemens A&D takes actively part in the creation of the specifications of safety related function blocks for dedicated applications in the machinery sector.

Motion Control Function Blocks

Easy Motion Control
Basic function blocks for Positioning and Gear Synchronism, for SIMATIC CPU S7 300/400, WinAC

S7 Technology
Function blocks for almost all Motion Control requirements, especially for CPU 315T/CPU 317T and Microbox 420-T

Function blocks for almost all Motion Control requirements on all SIMOTION controllers and considerable flexible system functions

Classical, PC based and Drive based controllers are available in all performance classes:

SIMATIC S7-200, S7-300, S7-400

Programmable Logic Controllers and Technology CPU 315T/317T for Motion Control


Complete Control Systems combining the S7-300 with an operator panel

Componend Based Automation (CBA)

Interconnection of PLC components via ProfiNet


PC based control - a combined solution consisting of control, technological tasks, visualization, data processing and communication on a single PC

SIMATIC Embedded Automation

Ready-to-run SIMATIC Embedded PCs with integrated Software-PLC WinAC RTX and optional Motion Control functionality or as a Panel PC.


Merge of Logic, Motion control and Technology with programmable Controllers on different platforms: Drive based

D425/D435/D445, Controller based C230, PC based P350

Field PGs - the PC compatible programming devices used to program and test components, with all interfaces and software tools on board