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MOVI-PLC®: universal - scalable - efficient
According to IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen
Controls up to 64 drives
Supports the complete SEW portfolio
Numerous communication interfaces


SEW-EURODRIVE Driving the world

SEW-EURODRIVE is an internationally successful, family-owned business with more than 10,000 employees and sales of € 1.2 billion. As one of the leading companies in the field of drive engineering, SEW-EURODRIVE is a motor for progress and its gearmotors and frequency inverters, servo drive systems, decentralized drive systems and industrial gear units keep the world moving every day.

Gear units and motors from SEW-EURODRIVE have always set the trend and established new standards in the field of drive engineering. For this reason, the quality label “made by SEW” has become a hallmark of quality in the drive industry. The complete range of gearmotors from SEW-EURODRIVE offers customers the right drive for every task. Market-oriented products developed and manufactured in-house as well as uncompromising quality are the cornerstones of the company’s success. "People do not need products, they need solutions." Based on this maxim, SEW-EURODRIVE decided to develop and manufacture not only gearmotors but also electronic parts custom-made for these motors.

However, good drive technology products are not everything; perfectly matched service is also a part of the process. SEW-EURODRIVE combines both elements in offering outstanding products and services that enable the operation and availability of entire drive systems every day. Worldwide. The comprehensive SEW-EURODRIVE service network ensures that complete drives and spare parts are available all over the world, within 24 hours in many areas.

Products and Services

MOVI-PLC® advanced - for top performance in drive automation

Following the successful introduction of the MOVI-PLC® basic motion controller, SEW-EURODRIVE presents MOVI-PLC® advanced*. It is designed for the most powerful automation of highly sophisticated drive applications. Up to 64 axes can be controlled synchronously via the Ethernet-based system bus. MOVI-PLC® advanced includes the full functionality of MOVI-PLC® basic and also offers sufficient power reserves to execute complex online computations, for example, curves to be calculated during operation, multi-axis interpolation and kinematic transformations. The controller architecture includes a 400MHz processor, 8MB program memory, 4MB data memory and 32kB retain variables to provide sufficient resources for comprehensive automation tasks. Another essential feature is the wide range of interfaces available. Two CAN system busses and one Ethernet-based system bus allow optimized and universal control of all inverters and servo drives from SEW-EURODRIVE as well as CANopen I/O modules.

MOVI-PLC® advanced as a compact controller

Eight digital I/Os, five of them interrupt-capable, are integrated into the MOVI-PLC® unit itself. Users can choose from two RS485 serial interfaces, for example, for connecting a DOP (Drive Operator Panel), for engineering or for controlling an inverter without CAN or Ethernet interfaces. Several interfaces (TCP/IP, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET IO RT and PROFIBUS DP-V1) are available for communication with a higher-level controller. MOVI-PLC® advanced is programmed in IEC 61131 in accordance with the PLCopen motion control specification. The IEC program has permanent and complete access to the parameters of all the connected drives and to the complete area of the memory card reserved for the user. In this way, even extended curve or path data and recipes can be stored and managed by the MOVI-PLC® unit. All these features make it a pleasure to work with MOVI-PLC®, thanks particularly to user-friendly engineering with the fully-integrated MOVITOOLS®-MotionStudio, connected via the high-speed interfaces Ethernet or USB.