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Kemro K2:

One platform - many performance classes

Integrated robotics

Programming according to IEC 61131-3


Products and Services

The innovative total solution for machine and robot control

Based on a universal modular system, Kemro can be used to quickly and efficiently realize customized automation solutions for every performance range. Kemro includes a number of scalable product lines of complex control systems, a wide range of display systems, handheld operating panels as well as decentralized terminal I/O and motive solutions. Special technological emphasis is placed on the Process Control and Motion Control sectors.

KEBA provides optimised system solutions for selected industries. They consist of the standard products of the Kemro K2 system modules and components developed specially for the respective industry. The costs for software production are minimezed by the use of ready-made application frameworks. This results in a fast time-to-market for lower development costs at the same time.

All editors in a single integrated programming environment is a special toolset that is adapted to individual problems and that contains tools that communicate optimally with one another. The integrated programming platform provides all necessary programming tools and the common database for the complete system, consisting of machine and robot control including visualization.

Kemro.managar - Navigation and configuration

The Kemro.manager acts as a hardware and software configurator for all system components which are suded, for example, as master modules or assigned to the application variables as I/O points.

Kemro.iecedit - Programming in IEC 61131-3

The programming of machine operation and process control is performed with Kemro.iecedit. The programming languages KOP, AWL, ST and AS of IEC 61131-3 are supported.

Kemro.teachedit - Macros for robot applications

Kemro.teachedit is the programming and debug tool for Kemro.teachcontrol. With this, the machine programmer creates technological command ("macros"). The main applications are robotics and handling applications.