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ISAC S.r.l.






Since 1994 ISAC creates hardware and software solutions for industrial automation. Itís products are numerical controls and motion controllers (PAC), entirely developed and manufactured in the factory.

Today, thanks to the forty-year experience of the founders of the company, ISAC creates solutions that provide opportunities for success and an increased competitiveness to their customer. The company is a reality in expansion on the Italian market but particularly in the foreign market. ISAC indeed operates in Europe and in the rest of the world.

ISAC has an intense collaboration with local universities through which it is able to master the latest technologies and to perform a fast technology transfer.

ISAC is certified with a quality system UNI EN ISO9001:2008 since 2004.

Products and Services


Ilium is the evolution of the PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) made by ISAC.

Based on more than 10 years of experience in this field, Ilium can offer all the main functionalities needed to implement an Industrial Automation application, all in one device:

  • PLC Logic Execution;

  • Motion Control;

  • Communication and integration with other software components;

  • Operator interface (HMI).

Those functionalities do not interfere with each other, as it is possible to use more than one core of the processor; all tasks are performed with precision and with defined execution times.

Ilium interface with other devices is through an Ethernet port. This port supports EtherCAT or Powerlink. All the communication to ISAC or third-party devices, including servodrivers, inverters, sensors, I/OsÖ goes through this port and using a Bridge device Ilium supports many other fieldbuses: CANopen, Mechatrolink, etc.


Ilium is available in two formats, Ilium Embedded  and Ilium soft-Motion but the product is the same: once the application is written, it is portable between different formats. The development tools are the same, as the application libraries available to the developer. 

Illium Embedded is a compact dedicated device powerful enough to drive up to 10 EtherCAT axes. It supports USB, COM ports, external HDMI video, one Ethernet port for programming and Web interfaces.

Ilium Soft Motion is a real-time software that runs on an IPC; it uses exclusively a part of the hardware resources: one or more cores of the CPU, a portion of RAM, one Ethernet port. All the rest is managed by Windows. You can choose between ISAC PCs or use one from your preferred IPC supplier.

Ilium offers powerful and integrated development tools in order to make easier the development of the control law and its verification, the start-up of the machine or of the plant, and their support and evolution. Program the PLC logic with Multiprog, from Phoenix Contact Software. Inside you will find all the settings for axes to be controlled, the configuration of the fieldbuses used, and all machine information.


You can develop the application in the IEC61131 standard languages:

  • LadderDiagram;

  • FunctionBlockDiagram;

  • SequentialChardDiagram;

  • Structured Text;

  • Instruction List.

You can also use ANSI C and compile in native code to obtain the maximum performance and reliability, to create whole tasks with this language, or to create FBs to be used inside Multiprog.

All the discrete-movement, continuous-movement and administration FBs are included in the basic and extended interface. You will find:

  • Cams, to be programmed from the PLC logic, using the integrated Editor, or to be created from external sampling;
  • Gears and electric shafts;
  • Phasing;
  • Slave synchronous movement, referred to the position of more Masters.