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IEC61131-3 IDE
Lightweight PLC run-time
Machine-code generation
Real-time debugging system
Advanced editing features
High degree of customization
Smooth integration with HMI builder, configuration tools, and Soft PLC run-time


Since 1998, Axel provides software solutions to the industrial automation market, delivering tools and applications to a growing number of customers, operating in a wide range of sectors, from motion control to refrigeration and air conditioning.

Axel's main focus is the development of software PC tools aimed at programming, configuring, and supervising industrial apparels. Moreover, the company provides software consultancy services in related fields, such as real-time operating-systems and fieldbuses.

With more than a decade of experience in the industrial automation sector, Axel offers all its knowledge and know-how to support our clients in the process of new product development.



Among Axel's tools is LogicLab, an IEC61131-3 Integrated Development Environment supporting the whole range of languages defined in the standard.

LogicLab comes with a lightweight PLC run-time, entirely written in the C programming language (thus, easily portable to virtually all devices), whose exceptionally reduced memory footprint and code efficiency do not pose any limit on the target device. Actually, LogicLab has been successfully ported on many 32-, 16-, and even 8-bit micro-controllers.

LogicLab's compiler translates applications written according to the IEC standard directly into machine code, avoiding the need for a run-time interpreter, thus making the program execution as fast as possible.

LogicLab integrates a powerful debugging system, which allows the sampling of fast changing data directly on the target environment, ensuring the information is accurate and reliable. Among the other debugging capabilities, it is worth to mention the visual debugger for graphical languages, which shows live and clearly the evolution of an SFC or LD program. Breakpoints are also supported.




The tool itself has been designed with performance in mind: system requirements are loose, while the IDE responsiveness enhances the user experience. Moreover, a full set of advanced editing features, such as code completion and widespread drag&drop functions, is included, making LogicLab a particularly user-friendly application.

LogicLab is highly customizable, in order to meet the specific requirements of all the supported target devices: including an embedded Web browser and a powerful scripting interface, LogicLab can be easily extended with device-specific functionalities.





Other products

LogicLab smoothly integrates with other Axel products, including a human-machine interface builder (PageLab), a device- and network-configuration tool (SysLab), an emulator (SimuLab), and a soft PLC execution environment (LLExec), providing a comprehensive software suite able to meet the most challenging requirements.