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3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH



The IEC 61131-3 Programming System
Real time SoftPLC under WinXP
CoDeSys SP
Portable PLC runtime kernel
CoDeSys Visualization
Visualization products integrated in CoDeSys
CoDeSys SoftMotion
Integrated motion control


3S is one of the leading software manufacturers in the European automation industry. The company’s main focus is CoDeSys the well-known IEC 61131-3 programming system for controller applications and CoDeSys SP the platform independent controller system. The specialists from 3S have developed a complete automation suite around their core products and also offer integrated product extensions for motion control, visualization, I/O configuration and project version control management.
With CoDeSys 3.0, 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH introduces the next level of PLC programming, a complete Automation Platform with real Object Orientation, PLC Networks, Version Profiles and IEC 61131-3 Visualization.

Products and Services


The High-End IEC 61131-3 PLC Programming System
Suitable for Compact PLCs and High-End Automation Devices alike
Kernel of the CoDeSys Automation Suite
Integrated compilers for a wide range of 8, 16 and 32 bit controllers
More than 200 OEM clients rely on CoDeSys
Thousands of end users in machine and plant building


The SoftPLC under Windows NT / 2000 / XP
Hard real time properties (µs)
Supports common field bus cards
Open driver interface

CoDeSys SP

The PLC runtime kernel for embedded and PC based devices
For devices with or without operating system
Fast because of native code
Easy adaptation to the device

CoDeSys Visualization

Complete integration of the visualization editor in the programming system CoDeSys
Available runtime platforms:
CoDeSys HMI (runtime version under Windows)
Target visualization (directly on the embedded controller)
Web visualization (via internet browser)
One project source for all variants
Easy connection to all controllers programmable with CoDeSys

CoDeSys SoftMotion

Motion control integrated in the IEC 61131-3 programming system CoDeSys
Comfortable CNC and CAM editors
Function blocks conformal to PLCopen
CNC function blocks for 2 ˝ dimensional interpolation
Freely connectable or programmable motion POUs
Integrated drive connection and configuration
Executable on all 32-bit CoDeSys platform