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Annual Contributions PLCopen Members


PLCopen offers a number of membership categories. The annual membership contribution depends on voting and non-voting rights, the number of relevant employees in industrial control and the nature of the organization.

There are 3 different sizes: over 1000 relevant employees, between 100 and 1000 and less than 100.

Companies are commercial organizations active in the field of industrial control.
Users are focused on the application and usage of industrial control.
Resellers: added value is not in the industrial control or its programming environment. In many cases they use an independent software development environment from a third party.
Non-profit organizations: institutes registered as non-profit organizations.
Educational institutes like universities or technical schools.


Annual fees

Company Size

Voting Companies

Voting Users/ Resellers

Non-voting User / Resellers

Non-profit organizations

Educational institutes

>1000 Euro 11,000 Euro 5,500 Euro 2,200    
100 .. 1000 Euro 5,500 Euro 2,750 Euro 1,100    
<100 Euro 2,750 Euro 1,375 Euro 550    
        Euro 900 Euro 50


Membership Application form.