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IEC1131-3 program controls a soft drink production plant in Mantova (Italy)

The company S.I.E.L. has realized a supervision and energy control system in a soft drink production plant in Mantova, Italy. A new concept T.E.C. (Total Energy Control) has been used. An integrated system controls the factory and at the same time the energy consumption of all decentralized stations to help cut costs and to protect the environment.

S.I.E.L. has decided to use the programming software NAiS Control 1131, which has the possibility to structure programs to save time and engineering costs. This is an important advantage when it comes to handling complex programs. After all, the PLC-CPU (FP10SH ) must handle up to 4096 remote I/Os. The local I/Os can be found in the panel of every single zone of the plant and each of them is in charge for a particular task of the total job process. This local task control is a sub-task inside the PLC program. 256 Modbus stations, which have the function of energy readers, are polled by the PLC at a speed of 9600 kbps. They transmit a great number of important data (for example voltage, current, average consumption, frequency, single phase measurement, etc.). The control task of the PLC program has been written in LD language. Also the possibility to define Function Blocks has been used to develop some repetitive parts of the program. Together with the SCADA system, NAiS Control is a powerful tool for data management, for example by monitoring the values from the energy readers against pre-defined data tables.