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PLCopen 15 years anniversary brochure!

Decorative tins from Landshut

These decorated tins not only protect goods against damage but increase the life of the contents and give them an air of exclusivity. Klann GmbH and Co., near Munich, have been producing decorated tins for several decades, for customers throughout the world. Every day, 200,000 tins leave the factory destined for Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. A third of the employees work in development. A very wide range of shapes and variations ensure that even the most unusual customer requests are satisfied.

Programming as a cost factor

As programmers are aware, a complex programming language and data handling require specialists and their detailed experience. Different controllers, a wide range of links between data and program sections, intricate nesting and complex adaptation of standard functions mean long programming times. All in all, the program languages used in automation technology are no longer suitable for the requirements of modern development software. Manufacturers' efforts to find a universal solution resulted in IEC 1131. Part 3 of this international Standard contains definitions for PLC software.

However, the requirements for progressive software are even more stringent: the continuously increasing complexity and the resulting trend to decentralisation demand new solutions. Clearer, locally organized units are connected to one another via networks. Equipment from different manufacturers must be integrated in system solutions and programs must be exchanged across systems. Simple and clear handling of display functions, data processing and communication is a critical advantage for commissioning, operation and maintenance. The Klockner-Moeller Sucosoft S40, compliant with the IEC Standard, is the ideal basis for this.

The solution: a modern software development environment

The Windows graphical operator interface, with all its options for copying, cutting, insertion etc. makes familiarization very simple. Standardization of the PLC programming language and the basic instruction set allow knowledge, once gained, to be immediately used for equipment and systems from other manufacturers as well. Editors which support the declaration of the variables also take care of keywords and syntax.

Production Organization Units

The solution is structured in so-called Program Organization Units (POU): program, function and functional module. Programs are the superordinate units which contain the control instructions and which call up all the other POUs. Functions and functional modules represent complete modules which are independent of the address or equipment, are supplied with initial values via defined interfaces when called up, and then return the output values. This trend to "parameterization instead of programming" using the standard modules supplied or user produced modules, such as those which Klann also employs, makes the programs understandable and speeds up programming. The Klann installation which in the past required about three weeks programming time, has now been programmed in about three days using the IEC-compliant Sucosoft S40. The large memory capacity of the central controller and clear addressing of all components in the automation system via a common address notation mean that the control system now satisfies even the particularly stringent requirements for flexibility at Klann. Production is changed over up to twice a day, and other parameters - such as time intervals - come into use. With its user-friendly programming, quick conversion, flexible and safe handling - at Klann, the Klockner-Moeller Sucosoft S40 is really showing what it can do.