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Structuring with SFC
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V1.0 Official Release


PLCopen Safety
Part 1
Version 2.0 now released


Information Model
V1.01.09 RfC


PLCopen starts
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Application Examples

The Herkules machine factory in Germany, worldwide market leader in manufacturing of roll grinders used Beckhoff control technology and automation components.

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ControlBuild IEC 6113103 based software suite used by water treatment plant specialist.

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New control platform with motion control for wafer handling.

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Best of both worlds - Combining the advantages of decentralized Cam Switch I/O architecture with application centralized engineering

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Efficient integration of a laser marker in a DVD production machine with an IEC 6113103 ST program

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Tevopharm uses IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen Motion Control throughout their their flow wrapping packaging machines.

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ENGEL, a world market leader in its line of business, uses IEC 61131-3 for their injection molding machines, using the programming languages Sequential Function Chart, Structured Text, Ladder Diagram and Instruction List.

Semiconductor Industries: Wafer coating with IEC 61131-3 by B.L.E. GmbH, Germany.
With the function block concept, the IEC 61131-3 clearly saves programming time and protects the know-how of the OEM by the password mechanism

Complex packaging systems in the drink industry are now equipped with KRC control by KHS and thus offers multiple customer use

Wood processing machine which is controlled by different IEC 61131-3 conforming PLCs.

View into the pilot system for Lafarge Dachsysteme GmbH, Germany, for automatic and statistical testing of concrete roof tiles directly on the production line. The IEC 61131-3 Structured Text language was used to create well structured, tested, and easy to maintain software.

Control cabinet with IEC 61131-3 controlled PLCs.

For processing tobacco, Philip Morris Holland BV has installed a process control system with about 40 PLCs. These PLCs are mainly programmed with FBD, ST and SFC. Using the IEC standard, especially derived FBs, provides them reduction in software development time, reduction in trouble-shooting-time, and uniform operator actions throughout all applications.

Screwing Technology for high performance MotorsEST Technologies, a Schmidt Group company, is one of the leading solution providers in screwing technologies.
In respect to the extensive requirements on precision, flexibility and reliability, EST Technologies used IEC 61131-3 Structured Text in combination with Sequential Function Chart. This combination allowed EST to set up a high performing control software architecture, that is maintainable and performing at the same time.

Gebrüder TROX GmbH, Germany, uses IEC 61131-3 for their metal punching machines. In comparison to traditional methods, the programming language “Structured Text” opens up more efficient ways to integrating complex algorithms

Furniture and Plastics Industries:
Surface coating with IEC 61131-3
as done by Venjakob Machinenbau GmbH, Germany.
With easily comprehensible
project structure, IEC 61131 simplifies
the reuse and maintenance of
program modules.